Trailer Electric Piston Pump


Effective coastal protection with Putzmeister
revetments protecting embankments, terrain transitions and surfaces from attacking forces as waves, currents and ice.
A bracing or casting of revetments is an environmentally friendly and effective way for the flood protection in coastal regions.
Some conditions apply in this process to be observed: The mortar must flow well so that it enters into the smallest spaces and segregated at any time. And it should be impermeable to water in the set state. For the production of this water-mortar a special mixer with high mixing speeds (1500-2200 rev / min.) Is required



P 718

The most powerful and versatile piston pump P718, represents the tip of the small fine concrete pumps in the product range of piston pumps. The P718 combines all the advantages of your smaller sister, the P715. It is suitable for pumping fine concrete up to a grain size of 32 mm




The robust piston pump P13 is an all-rounder among plastering machines from Putzmeister. Even under extreme conditions makes the built-in piston pump KA 230 reliable work.

It is suitable for site mixes or bagged interior and exterior plasters, Bentonitschlämme, finishing plasters, insulating plasters, cement plasters, lime cement plaster, lightweight masonry mortar and leveling screed, as well as for difficult site mixes with local sand (z.Bspl, broken sand, dune sand, desert sand, river sand, etc. ) up to 10 mm grain size




The trailer fine concrete pump from Putzmeister is small, light and has a powerful dual-piston pump. Their area of application is the pumping of self leveling floor screed, fine concrete, Mörtelverpressen and placed concrete up to 16 mm grain size.
The built-in S-transfer tube with automatic sealing effect allows up to 68 bar pressure pump and is sealed even with slurries and water. The automatic ring on the S-tube wear that occurs is compensated automatically.




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