Top-Slewing Cranes

Top-Slewing Cranes

Top Slewing

The Top-Slewing cranes (GME cranes) have a reputation for being easy to adapt to their working environments: sites which are high up, crowded or widely spread out. They make it possible to hoist and distribute loads by using two technologies: horizontal displacement of the trolley (MCT, MDT CCS CITY, MDT CCS, MD, MD MAXI ranges) or movement by raising the jib (MR range).

MCT Thumb

The MCT Crane is so well thought out that you can maximize productivity from your investment without compromising on safety while in use, during maintenance, during erection and dismantling, or while being transported between sites.


For even higher performances, MDT CCS CITY cranes offer new possibilities for operation: saving time and space.


Fitted with jib lengths ranging from 65 to 75m, the MDT CCS cranes boast hoisting capacities of 10 to 16t and now benefit from the CCS (Crane Control System) technology already deployed on the MDT CCS City.

MD CCS range image

For high capacities and long lasting jobs, the MD CSS range provides great performance and the highest level of comfort.

MD 3200

For maximum efficiency in minimum space, MD cranes provide all the advantages of power, safety and ergonomics.

MR Thumb

To meet the requirements of your sites which are crowded, where there are numerous cranes, or which are especially lacking in space, MR cranes meet the challenge.

MD Topbelt - MD 2200 Topbelt

The association of a crane and a concrete conveyor allowing a high rate of concreting, covering a large surface with a minimum of interferences on the construction site.


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