Spreader Frames



preader Frames and Lifting Frames are recommended for loads that have more than two lifting points; they can also be the ideal lifting equipment for when headroom is limited. Modulift offer several types of Spreader Frames and Lifting Frames for Multi-­Point Lifts; please see below for further details of our Spreader Frames and Lifting Frames:

CMOD Modular Spreader Frames

modulift spreader frame

Our most economical option is the CMOD Modular Spreader Frame; designed to expand the capabilities of our Modular Spreader Beam System -­ the Struts from the Spreader Beam are combined with 4 Corner Units to complete the Frame. Customers that already have Modulift Struts can re-­use these with the Corner Units to achieve 4-­Point lifts, making this a versatile solution.

This Spreader Frame is also designed for where there are height restrictions, as the height of the rig will be lower than a ‘1 over 2’ rig.

The CMOD Spreader Frame is currently available from the CMOD 6 up to the CMOD 250. The systems will lift up to 300t.

CMOD T-Pieces

modulift t piece

Elaborating on this popular concept, Modulift has now developed a T-Piece in conjunction with the CMOD, further enhancing its capabilities. This clever connection unit allows the frame to become a 6-point lift with a maximum span size of 16m x 22m, an 8-point lift with a maximum span size of 16m x 32m, a 10-point lift with a maximum span size of 16m x 40m and additional multi-point options, all possible and available on request, adding yet another dimension to your Modulift equipment.

Cascaded Spreader Beams

modulift rig

When no height restrictions apply a standard solution is to use several Spreader Beams in a Cascading Rig. For example, a ‘1 over 2’ Spreader Beam Rig to achieve a 4-Point lift consists of 3 Spreader Beams: 1 at the top and 2 underneath, connect by Slings and Shackles. See the Rig Design page for more information on typical types of rigs.

Low Height Lifting Frames

Modulift Lifting Frame

For lifts where height is severely restricted, Modulift can design and manufacture Low-Height Lifting Frames. Similar to Spreader Frames, but whereas Spreader Frames have top Slings attached between the frame corners up to the crane hook in the centre, instead a Lifting Frame generally has no top slings – rather the crane hook attaches directly to a large lug on the top of the frame in the centre.



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