NEW. Adjustable Lifting/Spreader Beams

NEW!! Adjustable Lifting/Spreader Beam


The Modulift adjustable Lifting Beam/Spreader Beam utilising a clamp system provides a safe, fast, and adjustable beam, enabling users to lift from multiple points.



Easy to convert between a Lifting Beam and Spreader Beam

Spans of up to 6m and capacities of up to 8.5t depending on configuration

The adjustable lifting/spreader beam (or MOD CLS) is stocked as a boxed product for immediate shipping that eliminates delays incurred waiting for alternative solutions, which often have to be manufactured to order.

The MOD CLS is currently available in one size up to 8.5t capacity, depending on configuration, but offered with four clamps as standard to adjust the lifting points to enable flexibility between a single top lifting point (lifting beam) or double top lifting points (spreader beam).

The clamps are pre-assembled on the beam together with markers to show alignment and the centre of lift. Clamps on the upper/top side of the beam are of a larger rating and size than the two clamps fitted to the bottom/underside of the beam.

The MOD CLS can also be adpated to suit with up to additional four clamps on the bottom side of the beam allowing users the flexibility of additional lifting points. If more points are needed, the flexible system can also be designed as  H-Frame, providing infinite lifting points.



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