Electric Floor screed conveyors

M 500 E

The Mixokret M 500 offers in all areas peaks. With 640 L this Estrichpumpe has the largest mixing vessel. This allows longer feed intervals. It is particularly suitable for companies that already have their own Baustellenkompressor. Moreover, the M 500 promote Estrichmaschine the only screed, sand, fine concrete, polystyrene concrete, lightweight concrete with bloated slamming or pumice concrete up to 32 mm grain size



M 700 E

The Mixokret M 700 E is the base model of the electrical Mixokret screed conveyor. This Estrichpumpe is by far the smallest and lightest of Putzmeister.

Suitable for mixing and conveying of sand, plaster, gravel and fine concrete up to 16 mm grain size


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